Analytical systems


The HemoCue systems consist of portable analyzers together with specially designed microcuvettes. The systems provide lab-quality results at the Point-of-Care. The HemoCue Hb 201 system is used in anemia screening.

The HemoCue Albumin 201 system, for the detection of microalbuminuria, is a key test in the early detection and prevention of chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

HemoCue Glucose 201 Analyzer can be used for screening, diagnosing and monitoring of diabetes.

The HemoCue Plasma/low Hb system is designed for measurement of low concentrations of hemoglobin in plasma, serum and irrigating fluids. Estimation of hemolysis is a quality control parameter in many different applications e.g. blood bank products, salvaged and filtered blood.

Key benefits:
• Lab Quality results at the time of appointment enables the direct feedback. This has proven to enhance compliance to treatment
• Fast results facilitates effective routines
• The disposable microcuvettes automatically draw a precise volume of the specimen.
• No mixing of reagents, dispensing or pipetting is required
• The analyzers are factory calibrated and require a minimum of maintenance
• No calibration needed between cuvette batches