Biochemical analysis

The CITOLAB Reagent Strips are dip-and-read test stripsfor In Vitro Diagnostic Use only for testing above items in urine. Test resultmay provide information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and urinary tract infection. It is measured by comparison of test paper attached to a plastic strip with the color chart blocks printed on the vial label. The strips may be read visually. They can also be read instrumentally, using urine chemistry analyzers.



- Type : ReflectancePhotometer
- Dimensions: Width(275mm), Depth(250mm), Height(170mm)
- Net Weight : 1300g
- Power Supply: 12V DC/3A
- Max / Throughput : 300Tests/hour (Max 1,000 tests/hour)
- Printer : Thermal Printer
- Interface(Serial Communication) : RS232C
- Patient ID : Keyboard (included) or Barcode (optional)
- Memory : 2000 samples
- Test strips : CYBOW 10M, 11M, 2MAC, 12MAC, etc.
- Display : LCD screen
- Options : External Keyboard, Barcode scanner