Biochemical automatic analyzer Chem 200

Biochemical automatic analyzer Chem 200

An automatic biochemical analyzer Chem 200 is designed to perform routine biochemical research of biological fluids (serum/plasma, blood, urine, etc.). Unique development of the Italian company GESAN. Recommended for urgent/small laboratories.

An analyzer of open type, compatible with reagents both domestic and foreign production.

Chem 200 analyzer has the following functionalities:

  • work with routine biochemical sets for determination of analyzes;
  • performance of specific techniques, in particular, to work with electrolyte detection kits, turbidimetry kits, drug of abuse identification kits and drug monitoring.
  • work with electrolytes without an additional ISE module;
  • directly carrying out turbidimetric researches;
  • suitable for needs of the urgent laboratories and laboratories with a small and medium load.

 Chem 200 analyzer has the following technical features:

  • can work both with native computer equipment and be compatible with other PCs;
  • easy and convenient control system;
  • removable trays for samples and reagents.
  • all the most commonly used optical filters, as well as one free position for selecting an additional filter when working with specific techniques;
  • built-in water supply system:

The manufacturer offers a wide range of self-manufactured reagent kits For this analyzer, including enzymes, substrates, lipid analyzers, electrolytes, turbidimetric determinants, drug detection and drug monitoring kits. In addition, a wide range of controls, standards and calibrators are offered

Methods: End point, bichromatic endpoint, differential endpoint, fixed time, kinetic methods and composite methods.

Productivity: 200 tests / hour when working with monoreagents, 120 tests / hour when working with direagents.

Washing station: external and internal (8 washing steps for each cuvette).

Temperature control:

  • Cooling of reagents (at about 15˚C below room temperature).
  • Heating reaction compartments (from room temperature up to 42 ˚С) (option).

Number of samples aboard:

  • Removable tray for 60 numbered items, test tubes size 12-13 mm and volume 5-7 ml and cups of 0.5-1.5 ml.
  • Removable tray (option) for 20 + 20 numbered items, 20 12 to 16 mm and 20 cups (Hitachi type).

Number of reagents aboard: a refrigerated removable stand for 30 bottles.

Dilution of samples: automatic preliminary dilution of samples in a reaction cuvette, up to 1: 100 times.

Rotary reaction compartments for the cuvette: 80 BIONEX cuvette washers, 20,000 tests at full load of the rotor, optical path - 6 mm, 220-400 μl reaction volume, temperature sensor, safe thermostat.

Optical part:

1 halogen lamp (6 V, 10 W) with extended UV radiation, 2 focal lenses, optical filter glass disc for 10 positions: 340, 405, 505, 546, 578, 600, 650, 700 nm, 1 free position and 1 position for dark reading.

Direct reading of the reaction cuvette, optical path 6 mm ± 2 nm.

Photomultiplier: photovoltaic detector, signal amplifier:

Response range: 340 to 700 nm,

Photometric range: 0 to 3.0 Abs ± 0.003 Abs

Linearity: ± 0.5% of full scale.

Accuracy: 1 CV% (from 0.050 to 1.500 Abs).

Stability: Daily reader offset is less than 1% drift per day.

Control: A multitasking microprocessor that works in real time.