Corporate responsibility


We are responsible:

To shareholders
-  for dynamic growth and development of the company
-  for the increase of capitalization of the company
-  for efficiency of our activity
-  for maintenance of the high company reputation

To employees
-  for providing of deserving standard of living
-  for the grant of possibilities of personal and professional growth
-  for the grant of social guarantees

To users
-  for the grant of high-quality goods and services
-  for the permanent improvement of our products and services
-  for aspiration to follow the changing requirements of users
-  for a grant of reliable information about the products

To business partners
-  for the following ethics principles of Company
-  for timely and exact implementation of conditions of all agreements
-  for a honest competition

To Ukraine and world community
-  for an effective and humane policy in the field of employment
-  for creation of favourable terms of life of future generations