PHARMASCO COMPANY is an exclusive distributor of Braster® Pro in UKRAINE
Braster Pro mobile app
  • Possibility to perform a reliable breast examination in every doctor's office
  • Efficacy of the method has been proven in observational studies (81.5% sensitivity and 87% specificity)*
  • The examination is painless and safe, since it does not use radiation
  • The intuitive app guides you step by step through the examination and standardizes the examination process
  • The examination takes about 15 minutes
  • The patented thermographic matrix registers even the smallest changes in the breast, starting at 3 mm in size
  • Efficacy of the method is irrespective of patient’s age and breast tissue type
  • Complementing standard diagnostic examinations with the BRASTER®PRO exam increases the chance of early detection of suspicious changes

Results of ThermaALG study conducted on a group of women under 50 years of age.

Information for health professionals