Mission and values


To be a reliable partner, offering products and services of the highest quality to our customers. To be socially responsible employer for employees.

Consistently improve the conditions of labor, enable personal and professional growth.
Working above achieving this purpose, Pharmasco Ltd. aims to save and fix the positions as a leading company, working at the market of rapid tests in Ukraine, and also other innovative markets.


Employees are the Main value of a Company. Company provides complete realization and development of employee’s capabilities, professional skills, and also fair reward of results of their labour. Pharmasco is a one team. Success of one separately taken employee is a component of success and prosperity of all Company.
Respect to the man is respect of opinions other and tolerant attitude toward any distinctions between people, opened discussion of problems, joint decision of tasks.

Professionalism is knowledge of the speciality, perfection of professional level.
Permanent development and teaching is a continuous forward movement, creation of conditions for development of talents and capabilities of our employees.

Collaboration is the opened co-operating with shareholders, partners and public organs, arranged work of one team in which everybody is responsible for a general result – success of our Company.
Efficiency is achieving maximal results on condition of the optimum use of human, natural and financial resources.
An innovation is a permanent search and introduction of new products and services, search of the most effective decisions in the field of management a company.

Scientific approach is a deep analysis of administrative, technological, and other tasks on the basis of modern knowledge and experience.

A succession is careful attitude toward Companies traditions due to which we succeeded to score a success.